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  • Need to spend more time on developing your business rather than pushing paper work?
  • Excess workload, looking to cut down your overhead cost and need more business hours?
  • Are you losing your business, just because you have less time and too much occupied with other work?

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Velan - Virtual Assistants

Data Entry
PDF Editing & Creating
Word Processing
Charts & Graphs
Report Generation
Blog Posts
News letters
Social media
Article Submission
Commenting and linking
Applicant Screening
Candidate Sourcing
Job Search
Resume Search
Appointment Fixing
Follow Ups
Calender Management

Data Mining
Data Research
Data Collection
Data Extraction
Web Scraping

Get Quotations
Web Live Chat
Email Support

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If all this sounds rather familiar, look no further than Velan-VirtualAssistants - the complete remote office with a VA on hand to help you. Whether it's a 'one off' situation or a regular need, Our Virtual assistants can step in and take the load.